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World Coming To An End: Syracuse Surges To Top Spot In SBNation Big East Power Rankings

Well, at least we tried to stop it.

Bolstered by a decent win over a clearly overrated Michigan State Spartans squad on national television, the Syracuse Orange gained enough media attention to sway the majority of voters in the SBNation Big East Power Rankings poll to pencil them in at the top.

If you want a reason, look no further than Michigan St. UConn beat them by 3, Syracuse beat them by 14. That's convincing enough for me (though, it should be noted, not convincing enough for Casual Hoya, who put Georgetown ahead of Syracuse in a very hater-y move).

We're trying, people.  We're trying. 

Our ballot after The Jump:

Casual Hoya:
1. Georgetown
2. Syracuse
3. Pittsburgh
4. UConn
5. Villanova
6. West Virginia
7. Notre Dame
8. Louisville
9. Marquette
10. Cincinnati
11. St. John's
12. Seton Hall
13. Providence
14. Rutgers
15. South Florida
16. DePaul

Agree?  Disagree?