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TCU To Join The Big East Conference

More on this later, but Texas Christian University has accepted an offer to join the Big East Conference as an ALL-SPORTS member.  That's right folks, despite being over 1,100 miles from a single university in the conference, the Horned Frogs will be facing our Hoyas in basketball beginning in 2012. 

Perhaps this is the first move in a bigger game of chess...

For all we know, this could be just the first domino to drop in expansion. With TCU, the league now has 17 teams. The Big East has offered Villanova a chance to join in football, but the Philadelphia school seems to be dragging its feet about a decision and there is always a chance the Big East could invite Central Florida or even re-invite Temple to create a 10th football team and an 18th team in the league.

There is also a chance the football schools could eventually break away and form their own league.