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Big East To Expand To 10 Football Teams

The Big East is looking to add two more football teams to the conference, per ESPN.  What does that mean for Georgetown?  I have no idea.  Many people care about this issue, most of all, our own Hire Esherick.  I am not one of those many people.  We play football in the Patriot League, we play basketball in the Big East.  Therefore, I don't care about football in the Big East. 

The article says that UCF, East Carolina, Memphis, TCU and Temple have been mentioned in reports as possibilities for joining the conference.

The article finished with this tidbit.

The Big East is currently the smallest BCS football conference. Officials did not say how expansion would affect the 16-team basketball alignment.

Oh crap.  Maybe this does mean something for Georgetown basketball.  The Big East would be stacked in basketball if it got rid of Georgetown, Villanova, and Marquette and replaced them with perennial powerhouses like UCF, East Carolina and TCU.

Speculate away, I know other people will, I'm not smart enough to predict the future.