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Tuesday Links: Just In Case You Haven't Heard, Georgetown's Guards Are Important This Year

Every year the mass media comes up with one storyline that defines Georgetown basketball.  In 2007 and 2008 it was "OMG can you believe that Patrick Ewing Jr and John Thompson III are playing and coaching where their fathers were legends OMG?!".  In 2009 it was "How is this team going to deal with the graduation of Roy Hibbert and company?"  In 2010 it was "Can the Hoyas rebound from the disaster that was 2009?"  This year it seems to be "OMG Georgetown doesn't have great big men but has great guards, what irony!"

Here are some links from around the interweb that confirm my thesis, along with other thoughts.  I expect every commentator and ESPN employee to begin Georgetown related discussions with "Big Man U has gone small..." or something like that.

The guards will protect

What the big men have built

Links after The Jump. Video Preview of Georgetown

 This is literally the worst preview I have ever heard.  First, Austin Freeman is a senior.  Second, it was like reporter ad libs. [Insert Name] needs to step up because [Insert Name] is gone. [Insert Name] is good.  If [Insert Name] is even better, [Insert Team] will be good.  Great stuff.

Chris Wright and Austin Freeman are #9 and #1 players in the Big East

Not a huge shocker there.  I am surprised that Wright isn't getting more love considering how he finished last year.  Georgetown guards are good this year.  The Big East is not.

Georgetown vs. Coastal Carolina is deemed a November Classic by Joe Lunardi

I really wish I had his job.  He's like a sports weatherman.  That's awesome.