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The Casual Awards: Chanticleers Are Finger Lickin' Good!

Nothing like a noon game in the 3rd Annual Charleston Classic to destroy office productivity on a casual Thursday. Following Georgetown's impressive 19 point WIN over the Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina, we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON are dishing out casual hardware to those most deserving. Away we go...

Coastal Carolina was plucky before we fried them.   via

Chris Wright Heart of a Champion Award:
Jason Clark.  This is Clark's 2nd consecutive win of the Chris Wright Heart of a Champion Award.  Clark finished with 22 points on 66% shooting and a whopping 5 of 7 from three point land.  Clark's clutch threes were a dagger to the Chanticleers' run midway through the 2nd half and paved the way for the blowout win.

More Awards after The Jump:


Casual Award For Being Casual:
JT3. Snazzy collared shirt my man was wearing. I can't remember another time I've ever seen him not in a suit during a game, but I liked it. Gave the team a nice and relaxed feel as we swished our casual threes.

Michael Jordan 1991 Right Hand To Left Hand Lay-Up Against The Lakers Award:
Austin Freeman's scintillating up and under from Chris Wright. That thing was really, really pretty. If only Marv Albert was at the Charleston Classic to scream "Yesssssss!" Or if I didn't know that Marv Albert wears women's underwear in his free time.


Back to the Future Award:

The Lybians would be able to get a better feed for the Hoyas games.  via

This is America and we're in the 21st century right?  THEN WHY CAN'T WE GET A DECENT FEED OF A GEORGETOWN GAME?  Between the terrible MASN feed on television to the radio feed on 570 that was minutes behind the TV feed to the sketchy "live feed" on bootleg websites run by pirates, this game was impossible to follow in real-time.  I am moving to Russia and/or voting for Sarah Palin.

The Faculty of Languages and Linguistics Award:
Rich Chvotkin.  Did we just play the Coastal Carolina Shaah-nticleers or the Coastal Carolina Chant-icleers.  I have no idea, but the former sounded way cooler, almost exotic.  Chvotkin is the best.  I could swear he said "Vaughn spins up with a hooker" at one point, too.

The Sloppy Joe Award:
Nate Lubick.  Hey, can I get another one of those CROSS-COURT PASS ATTEMPTS THROWN TO THE OPPONENT por favor?  Thanks.  The Hoyas played pretty well today, but 16 turnovers is too many. 

The Chris Paul Award for Point Guard Excellence:
Chris Wright.  A career-high 12 assists to go along with 12 points for our trusty floor general.  Wright has been a beacon of hope for Georgetown in the early running thus far, playing under control and guiding the offense.  This bodes well for the rest of the season.   

The Nikita Mesheriakov Memorial Award:
Hollis Thompson. Don't think we didn't see that three that clanged off the side of the backboard. 

Paranormal Activity Award:
Much like the renters-of-mothers' basements that demanded this movie be shown in their local theaters, I demand that JT3 play Vee Sanford more. The kid had four rebounds, three assists, three points, one block, and zero fouls and turnovers in 11 minutes of play. 

Old Balls Award (Named in Honor of the Winner of (2010 Casual Bracket Contest):
Greg Oden.  Ouchies. 

The Jim Nantz Commenter of the Game Award:
OnceaHoya is this game's winner for providing consistent commentary in the gamethread that captured the essence of being a Georgetown fan. 

Snowmageddon Award:
The Georgetown offense. Yeah they didn't score 103 points or come close to taking 50 foul shots, but for some reason today's game felt a lot like that dismantling of Villanova last year in that epic snowstorm that shut down Washington DC for days.

The Welcome Back, Kotter award:
Julian Vaughn.  There you go, Big fella!  Not sure what was eating you against Tulane, but 11 points and 7 boards was just what the doctor ordered for Georgetown. 

The Rule of Three Haiku!:
So many damn threes. 
This won't work in Conference play.
Somebody shoot me. 

The Scream Award:

This team could be scary good.  via

Though the Hoyas failed to get to the free throw line often against an undersized Coastal squad, 26 of Georgetown's 32 field goals came off assists while the team shot 56% from the field and 47% from beyond the arc.  If open outside shots are what our opponents are going to give us, we'll take 'em.  Shoot to win.  Until we lose.

National Geographic Award for Best Charleston Classic Photography:
Our intrepid Casual Spy inside the building provided the below from his way too close to the action seats.  Enjoy.





Gratuitous Pic of Newly Single Eva Longoria Award:
Eva Longoria

The Georgetown Hoyas are an undefeated nationally ranked powerhouse.

The Terriers of Wofford are NeXt.