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The Preview of All Previews - Your 2010 Georgetown Hoyas, in Haiku

But first, a plug.  If you haven't already, check out the SB Nation DC site for breaking news on all your favorite DC sports teams.  They will be running a plethora of polls, contests and features during the basketball season that compare and contrast the abundance of local college hoops teams.  Rest assured, everything will turn into a popularity contest but what we lack in numbers, we make up for in internet wizardry, courtesy of our very own wadetandy who may or may not have invented the internet.  The below preview was written for the the SBN DC site and we are republishing for your viewing and commenting pleasure.

I gotta be honest here, there are a TON of previews, forecasts, and predictions you can find for the upcoming Georgetown basketball season that are filled with stats, quotes, and more stats from people who think they are important, and likely are.  But there is only ONE preview that will be written strictly in Haiku.  That is what you will find here, folks.  A masterpiece from your friends at Casual Hoya, combining Japanese poetry, English symmetry, and a whole lotta DC-chillin'.   First, a very special shoutout to my fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Effman for teaching me how to count syllables. 

(Preview after DaJump)

Overcoming Demons:
Last year sucked a lot.
Despite some impressive wins.
I hate Ohio.

New Year, New Team, Stating the Obvious:
Experienced team.
But no Monroe in the paint.
The guards will be key.

The Conference:
Lots of new coaches.
To fight for conference cellar.
Same teams at the top.

The Schedule:
OOC is stacked.
Team will be challenged early.
Play a lot on road.

Austin Freeman:
Big East POY.
At least in the preseason.
Can he carry team?

Chris Wright:
Full of heart and zeal.
Can he play under control?
Key to the season.

Jason Clark:
Last year in shadows.
Next year it will be his team.
Must be consistent.

Hollis Thompson:
Not sure he will start.
Likely depends on matchup.
Expect breakout year.

Julian Vaughn:
Lone big man in paint.
Sole purpose is to rebound.
Needs to stay healthy.

Some are ready now.
Others need to put in work.
The future is bright.

The Bench:
But will need to provide time.
Big East wears teams down.

The Coach:
You love your system.
And it has worked in the past.
Adapt for the guards.

The Future:
Coach, please use the bench.
Show confidence in the young.
Develop talent.

The Fans:
Tough early schedule.
To prepare for conference foes.
In Thompson we trust.

The Prediction:
Big Man U, no more.
Team will have some ups and downs.
Should make Sweet Sixteen.