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What is a Realistic Post-Season Finish for Georgetown This Year?

Jon Rothstein of just published a story on Austin Freeman which included the following quote from Coach Thompson the Third:

"When we went to the Final Four in 2007, Jonathan Wallace and Jesse Sapp were tremendous. I do however, think that this group could be better."

Wouldn't expect the head coach of any team to say anything otherwise before the season begins, but what is a realistic finish for the Hoyas this year? Front court depth/experience will be the biggest issue but the team is returning four starters and has one of the top trios of guards in the country in Austin Freeman, Chris Wright, and Jason Clark.

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Chemistry and depth might have been an issue during some games last year but the team put it together for a strong run in the Big East Tournament and then, err, yeah, I forgot what happened.

More so than the durability of Julian Vaughn, development of Henry Sims and impact of Nate Lubick, I think the number one factor for success this year will be how Coach Thompson adapts the offense to run through the guards and not through a big man, like it did previously with Greg Monroe, Roy Hibbert and Jeff Green roaming the paint, but mostly perimeter. Thompson vaguely alluded to an offensive change in the Rothstein piece but much is left to be desired:

"It's obviously different," Thompson said of the focus shifting to his team's back court. "But I don't think it's that big of a deal because of the experience we have returning on the perimeter. Everything is going to begin and end for us with Chris, Austin, and Jason. They're the ones who are going to score all the points and set up their teammates."

Unfortunately, no amount of previews, midnight madnesses, or open practices can answer this question. Just need to wait for the season.