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You Like Us. You Really, Really Like Us. Right?

For as long as I can remember, I've always had an innate need to be liked.  For someone who hates with such vitriol, this may come as a surprise.  But in real life, I am timid, scared, and need to be coddled. 

The dark lords that run SB Nation have taken my need to be liked and increased it tenfold. Their recent initiative is asking all the different SB Nation blogs to promote their Facebook pages.  You know the part where you can "Like" something.  Well we are asking you, faceless reader, to Like our Casual Hoya Facebook page

Find out more about the contest after The Jump.

There are prizes set up by the Overlords, and we promise, every penny we receive will go to more headbands or whatever other Casual paraphernalia we come up with.  The more of you that "Like" our page, the more money we get, the more paraphernalia we buy.  The math is simple.  You "Like" us, we buy more crap for you.  You don't "Like" us, we don't buy more crap for you.

A friend of mine does some work with Facebook and he told me that the most "Liked" thing on Facebook currently is the candy Skittles.  I tell you this for no other reason other than I think it's a fun fact, and I think it's good conversation fodder for the water cooler.

Please "Like" us on Facebook.  If not for me, do it for CasualHoya.  Do it for Hire Esherick.  Do it for the other guy, no not lordnick.  The other guy.  Does anyone even know the other guy's name?  Well do it for him.  That guy.