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Thoughts from Georgetown's Open Practice

Georgetown Basketball held it's annual open practice for Hoya Hoop Club members today at McDonough Gymnasium.  Below is an abbreviated and paraphrased transcript of the question and answer session Thompson the Third held before.  Thoughts on the actual practice to follow later, but I can tell you upfront there will be nothing groundbreaking.  Thompson and staff make a point to run basic drills during these events. (EDIT: I stand corrected...)

JT3's Opening Remarks:

Sent his prayers to Charles Smith.  Said they've only been practicing for a week"Nice mix of kids" in positions and spirit. Said the older guys are bringing the younger guys up to speed and the younger guys are "willing students."  Said depth is good but "we're going to miss #10." Said "a slew of people" will replace him.

Duke series restarting?

Not next year since they are in Maui. New four year series probably starts next year.

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Tell us about the Freshmen?

Called them good. Said Aaron Bowen will be terrific defensive player. Nate Lubick "is going to be ok also." Said some of them are still "fumbling around like a drunken sailor" figuring things out. "They're a smart group in general."

A lot of guards this year?

"This group is different. There's a chance we may press more this year."

How do you deal with NCAA rules?

Said there is a big rule book. "You have to be dilligent."

This may have been a loaded question about Broadus. He followed up asking how you keep assistants in line.

Conference Challenge Tournaments?

"Those will always be around." Harder to schedule now because BE is so big. Might do it again with SEC.

Out of conf schedule?

Said it was "rough." "I think that is what this team needs" to prepare for BE play. Called ODU "our buddies." Cited game against Missouri at "neutral site in kansas city" for laughs. Called the first three conference games "an extremely difficult stretch."

Future of Big East?

Said landscape is going to change. But doesn't know how. No one knows.  He said Gtown will be fine.

PE Jr. Jersey on the wall?

Going to wait until next year so his mom can come do it.

Practice facility fundraising starting?

He needs to

Do the players go home at xmas? (Asked by a kid)

Some do, some don't. Some parents come visit. Some come over to JT3's house.

Are we going to play Maryland?

"We played them a couple years ago. Maryland fans forget that." Said schedling is tough because of verizon. "I'm chosing my words really carefully." He wants to start series but doesn't want to play them twice before starting home and home. "They seem to think we owe them a game."

Play BB&T tourney?

If it makes sense. Not opposed it.

How to have success as a team?

"Good offense, good defense." Said team still needs to work on "post presence." Team will get better during the year.

Most improved upperclassman?

Ryan Dougherty

What do recruits do on official visits?

Go to class with guys on Friday. Play pickup with guys before practice. Take parents out to dinner. Hang out with guys Friday night.  Saturday they hang out with guys and have "serious discussion" with coach. More time with guys on Saturday night. Go home Sunday. Said they need clear picture of what Georgetown is. "We don't toot many bells and whistles." Said he wants visits to be as much like a normal weekend.

Driving directions from VA to DC? (Terrible DC traffic today)

Thanked everyone for fighting the traffic. "No I don't have any suggestions." Said it took him 90 minutes to get here.