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The Guards: Georgetown Backcourt Getting Lot of Attention

Recently, two articles were published discussing Georgetown guards and ranking them among conference and national foes.

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Top NBA Draft Prospects in the Big East

DraftExpress ranked the top NBA prospects in the Big East, placing Chris Wright at #7 and Austin Freeman at #11.  Not sure I agree with the rankings, but understand Freeman and Wright are not currently looked at as prime NBA material.  Rankings also show the huge disparity between proven and potential talent in the conference.  Players like Mouphtaou Yarou, Maalik Wayns,  and Alex Oriakhi have done very little to impress thus far in their college careers, yet are ranked in the top five.  No one from conference favorite Pittsburgh cracks the top ten.

Top 16 College Backcourts

Luke Winn listed the top backcourts in the country, ranking Georgetown #3 behind Duke and Michigan State and just ahead of Villanova.  Both Pittsburgh and Syracuse crack the top ten as well, giving the Big East four of the top ten backcourts in the country.  Most noticeable item here is the number of players listed for Georgetown.  Only Austin Freeman, Chris Wright and Jason Clark are mentioned as contributing guards, while most other schools have four or five players.  I do not think depth will be an issue for Georgetown, as Vee Sanford and Markel Starks should be primed to give meaningful minutes off the bench.  Perceived depth is likely the factor here, as most scouts, writers and rival coaches (hopefully) are overlooking Georgetown's bench since it has been rarely used in past seasons.  This is a good thing.