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Protecting Our Units: Casual Hoya Crushing the Rest of the Big East Conference

In order for it to stay relevant until hoops season starts and the Bulls begin sucking again, the greatest University of South Florida blog on the planet VooDoo 5 came up with a great idea a few weeks ago in which all of the SBNation Big East blogs would participate in a gambling contest called Protect Your Unit. Since we at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON never back down from a challenge, we gladly accepted an invite to this tournament and for the past month have been CRUSHING THE COMPETITION.

See more of our Unit after The Jump:

With our picks submitted each week by our vaunted sharp 'TakeThePoints', Casual Hoya is currently atop the standings:

  • Casual Hoya, $1,064.08 (+$208.18)
  • Toro Grande, $946.30 ($0)
  • Scott/Bearcats Blog, $932.64 (-$6.00)
  • Hoya Suxa, $882.27 (-$29.09)
  • Kevin Meacham, The UConn Blog, $871.82 (+$10.00)
  • Sean Keeley, Troy Nunes Is an Absolute Magician, $863.64 (+$72.73)
  • Chas Rich, Pitt Blather, $857.37 (-$104.00)
  • WVUIE97, The Smoking Musket, $836.36 ($0)
  • Ken DeCelles, $828.61 (-$44.10)
  • Voodoo 5, $737.36 (-$125.00)
  • Andrew Porter, The UConn Blog, $604.55 (-$56.82)
  • Chris Lane, The Nova Blog, $531.81 (-$59.10)

  • The rest of the Big East can go straight to hell, and we are once again proving that Georgetown fans have the biggest units. I note that Syracuse has two entries, both of which are pathetic and horrible. Syracuse has a small unit.