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Georgetown Suffers First Conference Loss at Marquette, 62-59

Welcome back to Big East ball folks.  Every game, no matter the location or opponent is a battle.  Georgetown saw a 20 point effort from Austin Freeman but it wasn't enough to overcome the Golden Eagles, who after losing to Villanova and West Virginia by a total of three points, hit twelve three pointers en route to their first conference victory.  Many questions will be asked by Hoya fans:

  • Why can't we take care of the ball?
  • Why didn't we call a timeout to set up a play with ten seconds left?
  • What would have happened if Lazar Hayward didn't grab that crucial offensive rebound with a minute to go?
  • Why did Greg Monroe only take six shots?
  • What did David Cubillan smoke/snort/inject before the game to go 6-6 from beyond the arc, doubling his career high in threes?
  • Is this a sign to come for future games?
Unfortunately, not enough time to dwell on the questions as a huge match up with Connecticut is less than three days way.

Bad loss?  No, hard to beat a team that shoots nearly 50% from downtown.  But we had every opportunity to pull this one out.

Good talk.