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Well That Sucked: Georgetown Gets Walloped 73-56

Well, umm, ahh, we sucked.  Georgetown got manhandled by the Syracuse Orange, 73-56, in the Carrier Dome.  We jumped out to a 14-0 lead and then got outscored 73-42.  Ouch.  Greg Monroe scored 8 points, had 6 turnovers, and 5 fouls.  That's about as bad as he can play.  Chris Wright contributed 7 points, shooting 3-10 from the field.  The one bright spot was the ever-consistent Austin Freeman, who had 23 points and 6 rebounds.

Clearly, if Monroe and Wright play that poorly, we're not going to beat anyone.  Oh, also, our bench scored 0 points, that was pretty sweet.  Pretty sure Hollis Thompson and Jerrelle Benimon were a combined -35 or so, but we'll wait for Hoya Prospectus to run the numbers because we don't do that kind of stuff.

A piece of good news.  The GLOBAL PHENOMENON had a record day.  I don't feel any better.

Georgetown needs to rebound quickly, Duke is coming on Saturday.

Awards and articles to follow tomorrow, I'm going to go bash my head into the wall until I become unconscious.

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