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Melee at McDonough! - Fight Breaks Out at Georgetown Women's Game

I have no idea how I missed this earlier, but apparently a skirmish broke out before the Louisville - Georgetown women's basketball game at McDonough Gym on Sunday.  The Washington Post reports:

 "About an hour before the game, Louisville was running a lap around the court when one of the Georgetown players reportedly stuck out her foot and tripped a Louisville player. Words were exchanged and soon several players from both teams were throwing punches. Eventually, the sides were separated and order was restored."   

Can't really condone that sort of action, although we here at Casual Hoya are fans of girl-on-girl violence, but only when disputing the merits of Miller Lite.

The Post also states that TV crews have video of the whole incident and have submitted tapes to the conference for review.  We will wait to pass judgment until all is reviewed, however, while I know nothing about Louisville women's basketball, if it is anything like their men's basketball team, lying and covering up is all in a day's work.  

Grainy video of the fight can be found below:

(H/T: College Hoops Journal)

Intimidation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Good talk.