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Feisty Hoyas Come Up Short in Philly, Lose to Villanova 82-77

When is a loss actually a win?  I think today may qualify.

Greg Monroe had a career high 29 points and 16 boards, but it wasn't enough to lead the Hoyas to what would have been another rousing comeback victory.  The Hoyas were ultimately doomed by long scoring droughts in both the first and second halves.  The drought in the first half allowed Nova to take a 15 point lead into halftime, while the drought in the 2nd prevented the Hoyas from taking the lead outright after managing to tie the game at 69.

Once again, Scottie Reynolds proved to be too much for the Hoyas, dropping 27 in what seemed to be his 50th game against Georgetown over the past 4 years.     



Kim Kardashian:

More to follow later today, and of course The Casual Awards will drop tomorrow.