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Debate Time: Is Greg Monroe a Lottery Pick?



Like I alluded to earlier, last night I had a splendid conversation with an NBA scout from a struggling Western Conference team.  I casually asked if Greg Monroe was still a lottery pick.  He stated that after the performance he had just witnessed, and numerous games before, it was unlikely that Greg Monroe remains in the lottery.  

More from the Scout after the Jump

Some points he made:

  • Monroe is a great athlete and incredible passer
  • But Monroe just doesn't have "it" [remains undefined]
  • Georgetown system does not showcase his potential
  • Georgetown system highlights guard play, although he admitted that Jeff Green fit into the offense well
  • Only other players on the floor worthy of NBA attention were Jeremy Hazell and Herb Pope - no one else from Georgetown, our upperclassman guards were probably not athletic enough
  • John Wall is unbelievable and will without a doubt be the number one pick
I am sure this will rile up some emotions in y'all, including the attack on the Thompson offense.  So...


Discuss Amongst Yourselves