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Casual Crap Day Continues: Top 5 "What Ifs?" of the JT3 Era

Who isn't completely loving Crap Day?  I know I am.  For our next post, I will delve into my personal list of the Top 5 "What Ifs?" of the JT3 era.  I'd try to do a Top 5 of Georgetown basketball, but frankly, I was a Duke fan until I was 14, and then I proceeded to beat the crap out of myself.  This is awkward.  Click on the jump to find out the Top 5.

 5.  What if DJ Owens hit the game winning three pointer against Florida in the Sweet 16 in 2005-2006?

For Georgetown, not sure it would have meant that much.  We would have had to face a Villanova team with Randy Foye, Allan Ray and Kyle Lowry that absolutely owned us.  What is more intriguing about this what if is what would have happened to that Florida team.  Would Al Horford have left early?  Would we have had to be subjected to this dance?  Would Joakim Noah be the person I hate most in this world?

4.  What if Jessie Sapp and Chris Wright didn't fight at Duke in 2008-2009?

We'll never know exactly what happened in the locker room in Cameron Indoor last year, but we do know this - punches were thrown, feelings were hurt, and Jessie Sapp stopped starting for Georgetown.  Sapp, a consummate Hoya for three years, finished his career ignominiously.  He skipped practices, spent weeknights at the Tombs, was horrendously out of shape, and became the anti-captain.  Would all of this have happened had he not fought Wright?  My bet is the Hoyas would have made the NCAA tournament, although a deep run wasn't plausible because they sucked at rebounding and DaJuan Summers had the toughness of an 8-year-old girl.

3.  What if Jeff Green had played like Jeff Green instead of a gigantic lady part against Ohio State in the Final Four?

I hate to say foul words about my son, but the question has to be asked.  Jeff was so clutch coming down the stretch that year.  He carried Georgetown with huge shots against Villanova, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and UNC.  Yet, in the biggest game of his and my life, he took 5 shots.  The Big East Player of the Year and #5 draft pick in the NBA Draft took 5 freakin' shots.  Would we have defeated OSU and ripped away Florida's chance to repeat?  I think so.  That 2006-2007 team was clicking on all cylinders, the offense was completely unstoppable.  Damnit Jeff, I'm still mad.  You're sitting at the kids table at next year's Christmas.

2.  What if Joakim Noah signed with Georgetown instead of Tyler Crawford?

Can you imagine that front line?  Hibbert, Noah and Green.  How about a line up of Wallace, Summers, Green, Noah and Hibbert in 2006-2007.  Is that something that may be of interest?  Oh the possibilities.  John Thompson Jr. and Mike Wilbon opined on this a few years ago, but it warrants mention again.  Would Georgetown have been Florida?  Back-to-back national champions?  You'd have to assume so, or at least I will.  The one mitigating question is how would Joakim fit into JT3's offense?  I think he would have played a role similar to Julian Vaughn, and my God, that defense would have been absolutely absurd.  Ok I need to stop before I get a headache.

1.  What if Nikita Mescheriakov didn't suck?

A good white player at Georgetown?  Would we turn into Duke?  Would we be convincing ourselves that the Brothers Plumlee are good?  Would Casual Hoya exist?  Would we still be a Global Phenomenon?  Would you be reading this right now?  Would the apocalypse have already come?