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Crap Day Continues! OldHoya and Lordnick Engage in Battle


Oh my, what a crap day it has been already!  First KenPom predicts what everyone already knows, and now a duel!

First, a little background.

In addition to the UConn Awards, OldHoya stated the following:

It's taken OldHoya a couple days to be able to speak but he has declared Saturday's game the largest and most dramatic comeback since Georgetown beat Ohio State in 1987 in the second round of the NCAA tournament at the Omni in Atlanta. That was the Reggie and The Miracles squad and OldHoya winces to acknowledge that the dastardly Gary Williams was coaching the team.

In stark contrast to current history, OldHoya felt it important to note that the bulldog costume was being worn by Joe LaPlante, who got both his undergrad and law degrees at Gtown and is now a federal judge in New Hampshire. LaPlante showed his disgust by taking off the bulldog head and exhorting the crowd to bring the Hoyas back.

Make no mistake, OldHoya was loud and showed his colors on national TV but did not see fit to award the cheerleaders any pom-poms in this week's Casual Awards.

Lordnick, jealous of the respect and recognition OldHoya receives, despite the fact that man knows more about Georgetown basketball than Pauly D knows about tanning, foolishly decided to take on the above post with the following:

I have no shortage of respect for OldHoya and his encyclopedic history with Georgetown basketball, but clearly the greatest comeback in 20 years has to be Georgetown's come-from-behind victory over UNC in the Elite 8. Was the margin smaller? Yes. The Hoyas only had to overcome a 9-point deficit. But against such a formidable UNC team, tying it up as time expired (considering we trailed from 12 min. in the first half) and then DOMINATING in overtime to ensure a Jim Nantz send-off to the Final Four... Best. Comeback. Ever. Even without Judge LaPlante.

OldHoya, no stranger to conflict, as he was the fearless leader of the Animal Section back in his day, responded to such disrespect for authority by stating (paraphrased), "Oh hell no, I'm about to Snooki that b!tch, Lordnick."

Which leads us to now, the first ever battle between people not named Austin Freeman and Jeff Green's Dad.

The Question: What is the greatest comeback in Georgetown history?

Feel free to join in below.