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Georgetown to Play at Syracuse on Big Monday

ESPN has announced its schedule for Big Monday.  The complete list is below:

Jan. 4 -- Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
Jan. 11 -- Villanova at Louisville
Jan. 18 -- Syracuse at Notre Dame
Jan. 25 -- Georgetown at Syracuse
Feb. 1 -- Connecticut at Louisville
Feb. 8 -- Villanova at West Virginia
Feb. 15 -- Connecticut at Villanova
Feb. 22 -- West Virginia at Connecticut
Mar. 1 -- Georgetown at West Virginia

Guess it is clear who ESPN thinks is in the top tier of the Big East.  

Villanova, West Virginia and Connecticut all make three appearances.
Georgetown, Syracuse and Lousiville all make two appearances.
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Notre Dame all make one appearance.

Not suprisingly, Georgetown is one of two teams out of the nine appearing on the list NOT to have a home game.  And they are the only team to make at least two appearances without playing at home.  Louisville meanwhile plays both their Big Monday games at home.  So in sum, ESPN hates Georgetown and Washington, DC and Jesuits and Verizon and democracy.  Did I leave anything out?



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