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Bob Newhart Tells Bad Joke About Georgetown

Last night Bob Newhart entertained the simpletons of Syracuse, NY with jokes about country music, political correctness, and the Georgetown Hoyas.  No idea why he chose to delve into the last subject but here is what he had to say (courtesy of the Syracuse Post Standard):

Associating Syracuse with a strong basketball team, Newhart decided to rip into the intelligence of students at Syracuse University's rival, Georgetown.

He said two Hoyas once were trying to land a small plane on a runway. Both of them kept remarking on how short the runway was, then barely landed the plane.

"Wow, that was a close call. I've never seen such a short runway," Newhart said of the one Hoya. "And the other one said, 'Yeah, but it sure is wide.'"

I'll wait for you to regain your composure after that doozy, I know it took me a good 1-1.5 seconds to stop laughing.

Wow that Bob Newhart sure knows how to entertain a crowd,  although I am pretty sure that if he had just glued two Popsicle sticks together on stage the Cuse faithful would have been equally as delighted.

Good talk.