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Memphis Eyeing an Invite to Join the Big East

Reports are circulating that the University of Memphis is courting an invitation to join the Big East and have hired former Big East Commissioner Mike Tranghese to advise them.  When questioned, Traghese stated:

"I've been hired to help them evaluate their athletic program, not to get them in a conference.  I can't get people into conferences. That's not what I do."

In response, Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina had this to say:

"You lie."

Good report from discussing the situation.

This Memphis site is reporting that a Memphis insider said on sport radio this morning that Memphis will be admitted to the Big East.  So now, this Georgetown site is saying that that Memphis site is saying that a Memphis insider said on a sport radio show that Memphis will be admitted.  Not too confusing, right?  

If it's true, then welcome Memphis!  The more cheaters the merrier (Before the Tiger fans get their panties in a bunch from that comment I would just like to state that I am including Georgetown in that list of cheaters).

But seriously, the next step should be to replace the word East in the conference name to Momma.  The Big Momma Conference sounds much more intimidating.

Good talk