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Georgetown Hoyas to win Big East, Greg Monroe to win Player of the Year's Andy Katz lists Greg Monroe as a legitimate candidate for national player of the year:

7. Greg Monroe, Georgetown -- Monroe is arguably the top big man in the country on a team that could be a surprising Big East title champ.

Top big man in the country!

A team that could be a surprising Big East title champ!



Wow. Did Katz really write that or did our friends at HoyaTalk put that together?

In other news, according to


1. a disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.
2. the belief that good ultimately predominates over evil in the world.
3. the belief that goodness pervades reality.
4. the doctrine that the existing world is the best of all possible worlds.

Since this site was based on the fundamental tenets of pragmatism, realism, cynicism, and truth, we'll let the Hoyas' play on the court speak for itself rather than get swept away by waves of hyperbole a full two months before Midnight Madness.

Then again, even the Scrooge in me will admit that it doesn't hurt to dream. 

See you in Indianapolis.