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Hoya Paranoia: Georgetown Basketball in Reagan's America

A brand spankin' new blog about Georgetown Basketball has hit the presses.  The blog, Hoya Paranoia, discusses the legends, stories and tales surrounding the Georgetown basketball team in the 1980's.  The "About" section of the site tells the story of the blog:

"[Hoya Paranoia] began as my senior thesis at Georgetown. I've since graduated but am not quite ready to put the thing away.

Instead of crowding the mailboxes of friends, family, and complete strangers with a long word document, please enjoy this abbreviated version of my research.

What follows is a study of race relations during the Reagan Years (1980-1989) through the lens of Georgetown basketball and its coach, John Thompson Jr."

Very interesting read for those interested in learning more about the history of Georgetown basketball, and the effect the basketball team of a small Jesuit school had on the nation and its capital city.