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The Death of a Georgetown Institution: Nathans to Close on Sunday

Michael Jackson dies, Sarah Palin resigns, Steve McNair gets murdered, and this just might be the capper:

After 40 years of serving millions of happy and loyal customers, and opening its doors 365 days of every year, Nathans will close at last call on Sunday, July 12. This ends an era of delicious, interesting and often outrageous moments at what Zagat called "the quintessential Georgetown saloon."

We hope over the next week you will find the time to come in and enjoy a last drink and meal with us. We wish we could give it away, but economic reality is that we need your dollars. Also, if I may, I urge you to please be generous with the staff.

With a heavy heart and much gratitude, Carol

We knew this was coming, but just didn't know when.  And when this type of news hits you from out of the blue on on a lazy Monday afternoon, it's just tough to take.


Nathans was the best.  So many memories, most inappropriate for this blog.  But after numerous boozy Sundays at the bar before my shuttle flight back to NYC (my record of 122 minutes door-to-door from Nathans to my apartment still stands, by the way), and witnessing both highs and lows at the bar from the Hoyas in the Dance (the win over BC on St. Patty's Day in '07, the crushing loss v. Stephen Curry in '08), the pain from the closing of Nathans is going to stick with me for awhile.

So long, old friend.  Georgetown just won't be the same.

And yes, that is Matt the bartender.