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Latavious B.I.G. Williams to Turn Pro

Jeremy Meyers of Rivals is reporting that Memphis and former Georgetown recruit Latavious Williams will play professionally next year.  Meyers writes:

"It was a difficult decision," Williams said in an official press release. "But after consulting with a number of people, and taking my family situation into consideration, playing overseas is the best move for me.

"It will not be an easy transition, but I have surrounded myself with a core of very competent people who I trust and who have my best interests at heart, so I am confident that things will work out very well."

"It's a done deal," said Williams. "We're trying to work something out in China."

At last!  I finally have a concluding chapter to my book, entitled Latavious B.I.G. - International Man of Indecision. Here is the table of contents.

Chapter 1 - Latavious Considers Playing Overseas

Chapter 2 - Latavious Takes College Entrance Exams

Chapter 3 - Latavious Narrows College Choices to Georgetown and Memphis

Chapter 4 - Latavious Cancels Visit to Georgetown

Chapter 5 - Latavious to Announce Memphis as College Choice

Chapter 6 - Latavious Gets Distracted by Isiah Thomas and Delays Announcement

Chapter 7 - Latavious Postpones Visit to Georgetown

Chapter 8 - Latavious Says He is Announcing in a Week

Chapter 9 - Latavious Wants to Play with Lance Stephenson

Chapter 10 - Latavious Adds More Schools to List

Chapter 11 - Latavious Delays Announcement, Again

Chapter 12 - Latavious Commits to Memphis

Chapter 13 - Latavious Might De-Commit from Memphis

Chapter 14 - Latavious Decommits from Memphis to Play Overseas

Contact me if interested in film rights to the book.

Good talk.