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DaJuan Answers My Question, Sorta

A couple of weeks ago, I posed the question - should Georgetown run the Princeton Offense?  The question came after a series of articles that seemed to suggest that Georgetown under-utilizes the athleticism of its recruits and prevents them from posting impressive stat lines.  Recently, DaJuan Summers sat down with the D.C. Sports Bog to address the issue.

Would you ever warn a high school kid against Georgetown for that reason, because they wouldn't get the numbers?

No, I would tell them just know what they're getting themselves into. Because it's a great program, you become a better all-around player. There's a lot of guys who go to schools and be one and done, and they're not all-the-way developed, they still have holes in their game. I don't think you can say, in recent history, anybody coming from Georgetown has holes in their game. We're solid players. You've just got to be smart. Most kids don't want to take that long route, but it's beneficial.

DaJuan also discussed the chemistry and perceived off-the-court problems that plagued last year's squad.  Good read for all Hoya fans.

Good talk.