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Roy Hibbert Wins Orlando Summer League MVP

Sort of.


The former Georgetown standout, who guided the Indiana Pacers to a perfect 5-0 record, shot a blistering 63 percent from the field and, alongside fellow big man Tyler Hansbrough, was relentless in the paint as he was named the unofficial 2009 Summer League Scoop MVP.

Hibbert managed to get to the free throw line 32 times, burying 24 of them. He also played unremitting defense, denying many shot attempts.

Despite his outstanding effort, nevertheless, Hibbert realizes this is just one step closer to where he ultimately wants to be.

"I give myself a B-," he said. "I still have some things to work on."

Relentless. Unremitting. Outstanding.

Sounds like a deoderant ad.

In unrelated news, how was this monstrosity NOT a charge again?