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DaJuan Doin' Work: "My Stock is Rising."

Check out this solid link to our main man at a workout with the Charlotte Bobcats on June 5th.

Nice pull up jumper! Way to use the glass!

The juice is in the Q&A session afterwards:

"Coach (Larry) Brown is a teacher, so if you make a mistake he doesn't allow you to keep making that mistake. He stops you and teaches you to do it the right way."

Hey, folks. Anyone remember how our season ended in the NIT against Baylor? Well, if you don't, here's a brief refresher:

The Bears opened 3 for 3 from the field to start the second half, while the Hoyas opened with a pair of misses from Dajuan Summers, and within 1:34, the 10 point lead was down to two and the game was on. Baylor led briefly before the Hoyas began to move the ball back inside to carve out a narrow lead, but its defense could not stop Baylor from repeated drives along the baseline, alley-oop dunks and close-in jumpers.

Do you remember who was guarding that guy who repeatedly was on the receiving end of those alley-oops? (Hint: It wasn't Derrick Brown, the kid from Xavier also featured in the Bobcats workout video.)

Repeated drives. Alley-oop dunks. Close-in jumpers.

Meanwhile,'s Chad Ford ranks Summers in Tier 4 of the prospects in this year's Draft and still has him slated at #24 to the Blazers in his latest Mock Draft:

Tier 4

DeJuan Blair
Earl Clark
Austin Daye
Tyler Hansbrough
Gerald Henderson
Brandon Jennings
James Johnson
Ty Lawson
Eric Maynor
B.J. Mullens
DaJuan Summers
Jeff Teague
Terrence Williams
Sam Young

Note: This is a huge tier and shows the parity in the draft. Theoretically, teams are saying you can get the same quality player at 11 that you will get at 24. This is where the real depth of the draft is. A few players like Blair, Clark, Hansbrough, Henderson, Jennings, Johnson, Teague and Williams were unanimous selections. Summers was borderline between here and Tier 5.

Elsewhere,'s Ian Thomsen continues to show DaJuan no love in his Mock, while over at, DaJuan just sneaks into the 1st round at #30 to the Cavs.

Personally I hope the Knicks take him at #8.