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Is It Ever Too Early for Pre-Season Polls?


Yes.  But that won't stop me.

This is so lame I can barely post it, but what the hell.  Andy Katz has issued another pre-season top 25 from his mother's basement and I guess I'll go through the motions here and read his ranking and put it up on the old blog.  So, here for your enjoyment is-- wait a minute!


17. Maryland: Yes, the Terps are getting this high a nod. I know they got rocked by Georgetown and Duke at one point last season and had to scratch and claw their way into the NCAAs. But Greivis Vasquez' decision to return gives Gary Williams the ammunition he needs to build a tough-minded, gritty bunch once again, with eight of the team's nine top scorers back.

18. Georgetown: The hype last season was skewed after the Hoyas went into Connecticut and won. And sure, DaJuan Summers bolted on the Hoyas, and Georgetown had a shakeup on the staff by dumping Robert Burke. Still, there is too much talent here to dismiss the Hoyas. Greg Monroe is likely a top-five pick, and guards Chris Wright and Austin Freeman should be ready to bust out. Hollis Thompson got a head start on the John Thompson III system by pulling a football-like move and spent the spring semester at Georgetown after graduating midyear.

How do you Gary Williams-haters feel now?  Yeah.  That's right.  Georgetown just got served!  At least UConn is #25.  Congratulations to Jim Calhoun for cracking the top-25 with a bunch of cracked ribs.

Now back to your regularly-scheduled DaJuan Summers draft prognostication.