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The Latavious B-I-G

Guess what.  More Latavious Williams news!!!  He actually did not visit Georgetown yesterday, he postponed the trip until next week because Coach Thompson would not have been able to meet with him.  The Miami Herald Blog had a chance to talk to Latavious yesterday and here are the highlights of the conversation:

What happened today that you didn't visit Georgetown?

LW: Coach Thompson wasn't in town so we postponed my visit until next Friday. After my visit at Georgetown next weekend, I will decide which school I will go to.

So what schools are you still considering playing for?

LW: Georgetown, FIU, Kansas State and Memphis.

Is that the order that you like those schools?

LW: Nah (laughs). Every one of the schools has a chance to sign me.

So FIU has a 25 percent chance just like the other 3?

LW: FIU has a chance just like everybody else.

There have been concerns with schools, because of your grades. How are your academics right now?

LW: I did real well on the ACT. I will be all right. I'm going to do real well in college.

So in sum:

(1) Latavious will in fact be playing basketball in the US next year and not Europe as previously hypothesized.

(2) Latavious has no idea where he wants to go to school.

(3) Kansas State is still in the mix.

(4) Based on Latavious' ACT scores, he would like to now be referred to as Butter because he is going to be Honor Roll (get it, On-a-Roll?).  Sorry, it has been a long week.

Good talk.