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Woohoo!'s Luke Winn gives our Hoyas some love in his post-draft deadline rankings, putting Georgetown at #15.

The Hoyas barely finished above .500 last season, but they showed flashes of brilliance, beating two Final Four teams (UConn and Villanova) on the road. I like Georgetown's peripheral numbers, too: They were the sixth-unluckiest team in all of D-I (according to kenpom's formula), and the most efficient team not to make the NCAA tournament. They ranked 317th in experience, which backs up the theory that they were overwhelmed by a league overflowing with veteran talent. A team with Greg Monroe, Austin Freeman and Chris Wright as its top three offensive options can't miss the NCAAs two years in a row ... right?

Young, inexperienced, and unlucky!

I'm not sure how much weight I give to kenpom's efficiency formulas, however.  The thai place I ordered take-out from last night is real efficient, but man, I am in bad shape stomach-wise today.