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The Latavious Saga Continues

In what has to be one of the most drawn-out processes for a recruit who might not even qualify to play, Latavious Williams has postponed his school signing announcement, according to Jerry Meyers of Rivals.  Williams, who was scheduled to announce his decision at a press conference tomorrow, stated:

"I was going to have a press conference Monday because I was going to sign, but I pushed it back a week because I'm not ready to sign."

Deciding on where to attend school is a daunting decision and given the drastic differences between the two universities Williams is considering, Memphis and Georgetown, his resistance to rush the announcement is understandable.  But if that was the actual reason for the delay, this wouldn't really be a story would it?  Williams concludes the above statement with the following shocker:

"I'm in Miami right now visiting Florida International."

I have never been one for conversational acronyms and have successfully resisted the Lol and Brb revolution, but my only response to this bomb dropped by Latavious is WTF!?!?!  Is Latavious seriously considering playing for Isiah Thomas, the newly announced head coach of Florida International?  And yes, this is the same Isiah Thomas who single-handedly ruined the CBA and drove the proud New York Knicks franchise into the ground. 

In all seriousness, the only parallel move for Coach Thompson to make in response to Latavious' mind-boggling announcement is to hire Craig Esherick for the newly vacated assistant coaching position.  Which leads to the inevitable and puke-inducing question: Who would you rather have on your bench, Isiah Thomas or Craig Esherick?

Support groups to constructively discuss nauseated and violent reactions to Latavious Williams considering playing for Isiah Thomas will be held twice a week in Healy 201.  Memphis fans are welcome to attend as well.

Good talk.