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Latavious Wants to Play With Lance

The Latavious B.I.G. wants to play at Memphis with Lance Stephenson, according to Adam Zagoria.  He writes:

Latavious Williams says he could end up playing for Memphis and he hopes Lance Stephenson joins him there.


"I’d say Memphis is the favorite," Williams said Wednesday by phone. "More likely, it’s Memphis right now."


Williams asked about Stephenson’s plans and said he’d love to play with "Born Ready" in Memphis.


Williams has never met Stephenson but watched him play in the McDonald’s All-American Game.

"I just saw him play," he said. "I had seen him play in the McDonald’s All-American Game and some other game."

Makes sense.  Take the two most indecisive high school seniors and put them together on a team reeling from the departure of its superstar recruiter and check-writing coach who left for a major rival, where he proceeded to assemble one of the greatest recruiting classes ever, consisting of many recruits from his former team.  Makes perfect sense, way to bounce back Memphis.  Another option is for Memphis coach Josh Pastner to sleep with John Calipari's wife.  Guess we all needed a little drama now that Gossip Girl has ended.

Good talk.