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More Latavious

With the official announcement just two days away, Rivals writer and Hoya hater Jerry Meyer weighed in with his opinion on where Latavious Williams is heading.  Meyer states:

Williams is expected to sign with Memphis on Monday, choosing the Tigers over Georgetown and Kansas State.

No, he hasn't qualified, and the chances of him qualifying are iffy.

Williams' camp has been in the process of exploring options for him to play professionally overseas if he is unable to qualify academically.

No surprises there, most Hoya fans by now are resigned with the fact that Latavious will be wearing Tiger Blue on Monday.  But Meyer reminds readers that Latavious playing college basketball next year is still not a given, and his chances of qualifying are "iffy," which according to my Jerry Meyer Dictionary means don't get your hopes too high post the Latavious announcement on Monday, regardless of who you want him to sign with.

Good talk.