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Duke's Paulus to Play QB for Syracuse


In what would otherwise be a very slow week for Georgetown fans (i.e. no developments on Latavious B.I.G) the laughter gods have bequeathed the Hoya faithful with the following gem: Duke flopper Greg Paulus will play QB for football flops Syracuse next year.

Now before the Cuse fans get all riled up and start throwing bottles, I willingly admit that as a fan of Georgetown, I have absolutely no right to laugh at the Cuse football program.  After all, they do field a Division I-A team and have had past successes, more than can be said about Georgetown football.  But I contend that as a member of the human species, I have every right to laugh at news that the most vilified and pathetic college basketball player will play football for the partly-Canadian but mostly delinquent holding cell known as Syracuse University.  Apologies if I offended dolphins and monkeys by limiting the above to human species only, you folks can join in on the laughter as well.

Some may ask why I am so delighted by this news.  It all comes down to convenience.  Instead of having to Google Greg Paulus to find what European team he is sucking for and then turn to the back pages of the newspaper to find the margin of defeat for hapless Orange football team, I can simply tune in for two hours a week to watch both fail together.  So thank you Syracuse, for making my life easier and filled with laughter.  Now please announce J.J. Redick as your new running back and I will be forever grateful.

Good talk.