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Athletic Director Bernard Muir to leave Georgetown for Delaware

The University of Delaware is expected to name Hoyas AD Bernard Muir as its new AD at a press conference today.

I was just as impressed with Joe Flacco last season as anyone, but Delaware?  Really? 

Muir's seemingly odd move from the Big East to the Colonial Athletic Association has been linked to a variety of factors, ranging from his relationship with Georgetown President Jack DeGioia after interviewing for the same post at both Duke and Northwestern, his tense relationship with John Thompson (II), and simply a desire to go to a school that has a better football program, which is how AD's really make their mark.

Aside from receiving a few letters each year that had Muir's signature on it, I'm not sure how this move will really impact us as Hoyas fans, and it is doubtful that it will impact the hoops squad to any degree, other than the possibility that he will be replaced by someone who, if the rumors are true, shares similar views about how the Department should be run as JT2. 

I would suggest that the turnover at the highest level of the Department perhaps calls for the sounding of some alarm (especially given the hoops team's recent success), but I can't blame Muir for leaving the Hilltop for a school with a better football program, even if that school happens to be in a state which aside from a punishing number of toll booths, doesn't seem to have much else to offer.