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Guess Who Won't Be on the Bench Next Year?



If you guessed Assistant Coach Robert Burke, then you are correct! To follow up on what I had mentioned yesterday, Robert Burke will be leaving Georgetown after five seasons as an assistant coach. Burke had been alongside John Thompson III for nine seasons in total, including four years at Princeton. Burke also played high school basketball with Thompson at Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC.

Earlier this month, Burke interviewed for the head coaching spot at Boston University but the position was awarded to Villanova assistant coach Patrick Chambers. Burke is the only original Georgetown assistant under Thompson III who has yet to move onto a head coaching position. The other two, Kevin Broadus and Syndney Johnson are currently leading the Binghamton Bearcats and Princeton Tigers, respectively.

Unsure if Burke has finally landed a head coaching gig or left to follow his life-long dream of joining the cast of The View. We will fill in details as they become available.

Left on the bench are assistant coaches Kenya Hunter and David Cox, both of whom are entering their third seasons at Georgetown. Regardless of the reasons for Burke's departure, I hereby officially start the rampant and creative speculation on who shall be the new assistant coach.

Again, thanks to RKB for the tip, greatly appreciated.

Good talk.