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Back in The Top 25!

Doug Gottlieb is obviously an idiot.

18. Georgetown: Yes, I'm taking the Hoyas. Greg Monroe returns with Austin Freeman and Chris Wright. There is no way this team suffers from two years of ineptitude, right? While the Hoyas were never able to recover from their early stretch of games in Big East play, no such stretch exists for this talent-laden bunch next season. JT3 is far too bright not to learn from his own mistakes.

No, wait, this makes perfect sense. A team that lost in humiliating fashion in the first round of its conference tournament and then lost again in the first round of the NIT is certainly, after losing its leading scorer, one of the nation's twenty-five best.  You nailed it, Doug!

I personally have Florida International as number 18 in my pre-season rankings, because if there is really anyone who is too bright not to learn from his own mistakes, it's Isiah Thomas.