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Latavious Williams Update

The Sports Bar Radio Show of Sports56 in Memphis reported yesterday that Latavious Williams canceled his visit to Georgetown and will commit to Memphis should he academically qualify.  Below is the podcast:

Latavious Williams to Memphis

(Starts around 3:15 mark)

Few things:
- We don't know if it is actually true, so don't panic.
- It is probably true, so start panicking.
- I guess this confirms that Latavious was not present at Georgetown Day.
- Could be a result of Georgetown's admission standards (i.e. Latavious qualifies for NCAA eligibility but not to play at Georgetown, similar to Chris Braswell situation).
- If true, it is a big loss, we could have used a big body in the paint to rebound.
- If true, it opens up a scholarship for the Class of 2010 and we are heavily recruiting a few studs.

Regardless of the above, it looks like Latavious will announce a decision soon, which will be good for all parties involved.

Good talk.

EDIT: He is announcing his choice on Monday.