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Katz on the Hoyas

Andy Katz recently discussed draft decisions and their impacts on teams for next year.  By no means is any of this information new, as Katz is just recycling old stories with new headers, kind of like what I am doing now.  Here is what he had to say about Georgetown, Summers and other things.

DaJuan Summers - "Foolishness"

The Hoyas and Summers faded toward the second half of the season. He'd be better off staying put in D.C. and having a breakthrough season.

Georgetown - "Winners"

Greg Monroe turned down a likely top-five selection. That means the Hoyas have a chance to erase a disappointing NIT season with an NCAA berth.

Hire Esherick - "Bored at Work"

Given the fact that it was 80 degrees outside, blogger Hire Esherick was feeling very antsy and wanted to ask the professor if class could be held outside.  As the proposal was tendered, Hire Esherick quickly realized that he was not asking permission from his professor, but rather his boss.  Flustered and slightly worried about the future of his job, the blogger retreated to his office where he subsequently wrote this story to pass time.


Good talk.