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Happy Georgetown Day!

Spring is in the air.  Birds are chirping, leaves are growing and college-aged gents are donning super-sweet, upside-down, beer-sponsored visors.  It's when sunglasses are not only needed to protect from the sun, but also the obnoxiously bright and pastel collared shirts that highlight the lawns and streets.  And it is when the greatest day of all occurs, Georgetown Day.

In honor of this magnificent annual ritual, I present to you what I have definitively labeled the greatest parody/satire of Georgetown ever written, courtesy of the Georgetown Heckler.  I only bring this up because I had the distinct privilege of meeting a person that knows the author of said piece, the closest I have ever come to fame.  The piece is by no means new, it was written over five years ago, but its humor is ageless.  Enjoy and Happy Georgetown Day.

Wearing Your Collar Down is for Poor People