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Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Last year Billy Gillispie made headlines when he offered a scholarship to an eighth grader.  Michael Avery had not even chosen which high school he was going to attend when Kentucky extended an offer in 2008 to play basketball for them in 2012.  After Gillispie's departure from Kentucky, Avery has re-opened his recruitment and began puberty.  Georgetown is on the short list of schools that Avery is currently considering.  The Louisville Courier Journal reports:

Avery, of Encino, Calif., said he made an unofficial visit to Indiana University on Friday and earlier in the week spent time at Georgetown University. He's also been to California Berkeley and said he has plans to spend time at several other schools.

No indication on how much effort the Georgetown staff has exerted on the recruitment of Avery, but Indiana has already told the ninth grader that they are very interested.  They have yet to extend an offer however, probably since he is 14 years old.


Good talk.