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Semis or Bust


From today's Bubble Watch:

Three other teams -- No. 9 seed Cincinnati, No. 10 seed Notre Dame and No. 12 seed Georgetown -- would probably have to make an unlikely run to the tournament's championship game to have even a remote chance on Selection Sunday.

I don't agree with that.  Yes, Georgetown has looked awful down the stretch, going 3-10 in last 13 games and not winning consecutive Big East games in two months.

BUT, Tourney bids are based on numbers, and should the Hoyas reach the semifinals of the BET it will be difficult to ignore them on Selection Sunday.  With wins over Marquette and Villanova, Georgetown will have 19 wins, 6 wins over top 25 opponents, an RPI in the 30's, and the 3rd SOS in the nation.

We all know that the Hoyas are not good, but could they make the Dance by reaching the semis in NYC this week?  I say undoubtedly yes.  And they better, because lurking in the NIT is a potential rematch with Mr. Curry.