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Give Jessie His Due



There has been a lot of criticism levied at this year's group, a lot of which has been justified. As the dream of the NCAA Tournament has quickly become the nightmare of the NIT, it's important that the Hoya faithful remember that there is one regular season game left, and it is an important one. It's important in the sense that it will impact our standing in the Big East Tournament (though at this point, who cares). It is important because every game that this team gets to play together and grow is valuable. And more importantly, on Saturday the fans get to give one last ovation to a truly deserving Hoya, Jessie Sapp.

Jessie has had his ups and downs this season, and it's easy to forget the impact he has had on our program given this season's free-fall . But as a 3-year starter through some of the greatest years in the history of the program, Sapp is certainly deserving of a proper Georgetown sendoff. His toughness and propensity for making clutch shots is something that Hoyas fans will remember long after he leaves the Hilltop, and frankly if some of the current Hoyas had his fire and intensity I'd feel a lot better about next year.

So on Saturday, get to Verizon and clap for Jessie. Let him know for the final time how much you appreciated his performance in Blue and Gray.

Then you can leave before tipoff.