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Tourney Thoughts

Well no questions should remain about the most dominant conference in College Basketball.  After receiving 3 number one-seeds and 7 invites in total, the Big East now has 5 teams in the Sweet Sixteen, two more than any other conference.

Meanwhile, the ACC flopped in dramatic and expected fashion; losing 5 teams in the first two rounds (should have been 6 if Coach K hadn't paid the refs off in the Texas debacle, more about that at Burnt Orange Nation). 

Not too many surprises in the Sweet Sixteen other than Arizona.    The top four seeds from the East and South regions advanced and all #1-3 seeds made it to the regionals.

And oh, Georgetown, that horrible team that lost in the first round of the NIT after blowing a 10 point halftime lead; they have beaten 4 of the remaining 16 teams.  How long til Midnight Madness?


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