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Hits at the Half: Waco, Texas


It's the NIT, baby!

 - Baylor hasn't won a postseason game in 59 years, but smartly knows the key to destroying the Hoyas - a nice, 3-2 zone.

 - Packed house, fired up crowd, and we've got Nikita in the starting lineup.  Nikita already directly responsible for Baylor's 1st two baskets with his slothlike defense, and his quickly yanked for Sapp. About to switch to Lost, because frankly, that plot makes a hell of a lot more sense than Nikita starting.

 - Baylor has a bunch of 3s and an alley-oop.  About to switch to Lost.

 - Summers hot from outside early, which is good news and bad news.  Good in that maybe it will bust the zone and he'll actually show up tonight.  Bad in that it guarantees at least 6 terrible 3s as he attempts to shoot his way into the NBA.

 - Hoyas shooting well in the 1st half, which is a good sign against the zone.  I'd feel really good about it if we actually took advantage of man-to-man defenses this season with sharp cuts and backdoor passes, but I haven't seen that since the 1st half of the Davidson game.

 - That being said, Georgetown is doing an excellent job with interior passing, which has led to numerous short jumpers in the paint and guys wide open for 3.

 - Baylor women's coach being interviewed on TV.  About to switch to Lost.

 - First terrible shot by Summers, launching an absurd 3 with 30 seconds on shot clock and Hoyas up 9.  It won't be the last.  He then follows that up with another made 3 from the corner, followed by an out of control drive in which he bounced the ball out of bounds off his leg while plowing over a defender. 

 - Hoyas shooting 79% from the floor and up 10 at the 8 minute mark....let's see what happens. Baylor 3, Freeman turnover, Baylor dunk, crowd back into it.

 - BACKDOOR SIGHTING!  BACKDOOR SIGHTING!  Clark to Freeman. Nicely done.

 - Hoyas are 59-9 under JT3 when shooting better than 50%.  We're currently at like 80%.  Not bad.

 - Hoyas up 9 at the 4 minute mark, with Monroe about to head to the line after again failing to throw down from 2 feet away instead settling for a missed layup.  That won't go over well when he's on the Grizzlies next year.

 - Looks like Baylor will play Virginia Tech next, as the Hokies just closed out Duquesne in double overtime.

 - Lead rapidly evaporating in last 4 mins of half, as Hoyas interior defense is wilting.  We just got beat for an easy look on an inbounding pass for the 96th time this season.

 - Nikita hasn't seen an inch of the court since the 1st minute of the game.

 - BACKDOOR VAUGHN TO FREEMAN.  Hoyas up 10 with a miniute to go.  Summers just picked up his obligatory 2nd foul of the 1st half.  Oh crap, Nikita back in the game.  About to switch to Lost.

 - Hoyas 16-21 from the floor, lead by 10 at the half, 44-34. 

 - This is the best we've looked since the Cuse game.

 - This is all going to end real badly.