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Da Bears

I guess I should get over my anger and bitterness about this season and actually look ahead to what we should expect tomorrow night. 

Baylor's season has been very similar to Georgetown's.

Although not ranked, they began the season receiving votes in the national polls.  They eventually cracked the Top 25 in Week 4 and stayed in the rankings for the next five weeks.  They dropped out in Week 10, and didn't receive a single vote after Week 12.

They were expected to finish tied for 3rd in the Big 12 and ended up in the 9th spot.

They started out 12-1 and then lost 12 out of their final 17 regular season games, including a six game losing streak and four out of their final five.

Their star senior, Curtis Jerrells, was named to the pre-season All-Big 12 Team but ended up on the Third Team, All-Big 12.

BUT, they actually managed to put together an impressive stretch in their conference tournament with three straight wins before losing to Missouri in the Championship game.

They are a very experienced team, with five seniors and three juniors, four of whom are starters.  Off the bench they have a talented sophomore in LaceDarius Dunn, who besides having an awesome name, received the 6th Man Award for the Big 12. 

They don't play a big lineup and are ranked 9th in the Big 12 in rebounding.  They have an exception backcourt, however, as four of their top five scorers are guards.

Look for them to start either 7'1'' senior Mamadou Diene or 7'0'' junior Josh Lomers and then play most of the game with a four guard lineup.  Both big men average around 10 minutes, but less than 2 rebounds a game.

What to expect: They will beat us like Marquette beat us.  They will drive, we will foul, and they will score 3x more points than us from the free throw line.  Only chance to win will be to force turnovers, like we did against Nova.  Or if Summers decides to show up.  But as most know, Georgetown is a very unpredictable team, we find many ways to lose.

If Nikita starts, I will cry.  And then I will laugh at myself for crying.  And then I will cry again because someone laughed at me.  It is vicious cycle, and only you can prevent it JT3.


Good talk.