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Game 30 - St. John's

Well no one can argue that JT3 isn't a fan of parity.  The game started off with a horrible three point attempt by Nikita Mescheriakov and it ended with a horrible three point attempt by Nikita.

And apparently there was a game inbetween.

That last three point attempt by Nikita; a shot with 3 seconds left and the team's post-season hopes on the line, hit the side of the backboard.  Not the front side, the side side of the backboard.  Meaning there was no chance for a rebound or a miraculous bounce.  The only positive bounce the ball could have taken was to fly back into the Georgetown bench and smack JT3 in the face for designing a play where a player shooting 29% from beyond the arc ends up taking the game-tying shot with a hand in his face.

Fitting end to one of the worst seasons I have ever seen.  We should consider ourselves lucky to receive an invite to the NIT.

Quick look at the numbers does not reveal anything we were not expecting:

- The entire Georgetown team was outrebounded on the offensive glass by a 6'8'' St. John's player.

- JT3 once again failed to adjust to the fact that the refs were calling a tight game.

- DaJuan Summers again failed to be the hero he has so desperately tried to be this season.  With the Georgetown season on the line after the loss to Marquette at home, he managed to shoot an amazing 23% from beyond the arc in the next five games.

- Assist to turnover ratio of 0.57, right around the 0.68 we have averaged since the Marquette loss at home.

- We shot 3 for 14 (21%) from beyond the arc, right around the 24% we have averaged since the Marquette loss at home.

- There is not one single player or coach on this team that can't be blamed.  Even Hollis should receive some blame for not dancing around like an idiot like PE Jr. used to do. 

- With the way this season ended, I would be surprised if we don't have some fireworks in the offseason.


Good talk.