Interpret the Tweet: Austin Freeman

I'm 23 years old. By any measurement, that is young. Yet, I feel about 100 years old when it comes to Twitter. I don't get it at all. Do you text it? How do you RT at someone? When someone else tweets, do you get a text? If you have 1,000,000 followers, do you get a text tweet every time they respond to you? I have so many questions, yet so few answers. One time I was shopping for laptops with my mom, before she fully grasped the internet. As we looked at the first laptop, she asked the Best Buy dude, "does this one have Gmail?" He politely responded that it did. Then she asked the same question for the next laptop. And so on. That's how I feel about Twitter. I just don't get it.

This is all a long winded explanation for me trying to interpret a recent tweet by Austin Freeman:

"Ok so I get a call this morning.......we goin to the airport......this person ask ya on the plane flyin yet......I GUESS SO BROTHER!!! SMH"

There are 5 parts to this tweet, so nicely punctuated with Austin's mega-elipses and exclamation points.

Part 1: "Ok so I get a call this morning"

Got it, he got a call this morning. Moving on.

Part 2: " We goin to the airport"

The team is headed to the airport. I comprehend.

Part 3: "This person ask ya on the plane flyin yet"

The caller asked Austin if the team is on the plane yet.

This is where he loses me. Are they on the plane yet? I thought they were going to the airport. It leaves me with one of three possibilities:

1. The Hoyas are on the plane, but Austin can tweet on it. Plane technology is improving. But if that were the case, why would he say he was going to the airport when he received the call?

2. He is not on the plane and he is mocking the caller for thinking he is. Clearly, if he picked up the phone, he can't be on the plane.

3. The Hoyas are flying a private plane, so they don't have to go through security. Because of this, he can take the call, get out of the car, and be on the plane in one fell swoop.

Before I saw Greg Monroe saying they could tweet from the plane, I honestly thought #3 was the viable option. Yet, it's clear #1 is what actually occurred. It still begs the question why Austin would say that he was going to the airport when he was on the plane.

Part 5: "SMH"

I went to urban dictionary to find the meaning. SMH is defined as Shaking My Head. Austin seems to be in a whimsical mood about his ability to tweet on a plane.

Twitter, 140 characters or less and 30 minutes of my life I will never get back.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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