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You're the Man Now, Dog - Monroe Leads Georgetown Past Butler, 72-65

Greg Monroe - Sean Connery has something to say to you:

In their first contest against a ranked team this season, Georgetown nearly blew a lead of Davidson-proportions but managed to hang on for a victory against Butler in Madison Square Garden.  Greg Monroe contributed 24 points and 15 rebounds, both career highs, and Austin Freeman added 18 points, shooting 4-5 from beyond the arc.  The seemingly endless turnovers and fouls are cause for some concern but the Hoyas got the victory in the end as the Bulldogs shot a woeful 30% from the field.  The Hoyas are now 7-0 and fly out to California to face Washington on Saturday.

Post-game links, quotes and photos as well as the Casual Awards to follow tomorrow.

Breathe easy Hoya fans, the sky isn't falling, yet.

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Good talk.